Charity Dinner

2023 marks an incredibly significant year for REACH as we joyously commemorate our 25th anniversary dedicated to serving the Least, Lost, and Lonely in our community. REACH 25th Anniversary Charity Dinner will be held at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on Friday, 27th October 2023. The theme of the event, Reaching Greater Heights, will be a […]

25th Anniversary Gift of Joy

REACH Community Services turns 25 this year! Over the past 25 years, our work in the community grew, and so did REACH. Today, REACH serves the community through our four services, Family Service, Counselling & Mental Health Service, Youth Service and Senior Service. In 2022, REACH served over 4,000 service users through our 6 community […]

Charity Golf

In 1998, REACH Community Services was birthed out of Grace Assembly of God, embodying the as our work in the community grew, so did REACH. Today, REACH serves the community through our four services, REACH Family Service, REACH Counselling & Mental Health Service, REACH Youth Service and REACH Senior Service. Our most recently established service, […]

Gift of Joy

The festive season is upon us again. While many will spend time with their loved families in merrymaking, there are many others finding the season challenging. You can spread the Gift of Joy to the Least, the Lost, and the Lonely in our community! By giving generously you help to support the work that REACH does to bless those […]

REACH E-Flag Day 2022

REACH E-Flag Day: A Pocketful of Hope is making a return for 2022! Digitalisation has proven to work marvellously in this fundraising as we are not limited geographically. Unlike one day’s effort with physical tins, we are running this donation drive virtually for 3 months from July to September. Last year, we were inspired by […]

REACH Charity Dinner 2022

REACH Charity Dinner 2022 will be held at The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Island Ballroom on Friday 4 November. Themed “Illuminate”, we hope the event will represent the light at the end of the tunnel as we emerge from the last 2 years that have been shrouded in uncertainty. We are honoured to have Ms Low […]

Taking Control and Loving Oneself

Despite being a working adult and 30 years old, Vivian faced a strained relationship with her mother as she would often control her and often made harsh criticisms of her. This invariably led to Vivian experiencing low self-esteem, affecting her sense of self-worth. This led to poor coping mechanisms, deteriorating friendships and conflicts in the […]

Climbing Up the Right Ladder

Eddy has never met his mother and was singlehandedly brought up by his father. Without a stable family unit, he fell to bad influences and a life of crime until he was arrested at 18 and put into an institution.   Thankfully, he was referred to REACH Youth where he was enrolled in the Rehabilitation Programme, […]

An Angel on My Shoulder

Despite coming from a middle-class background and being well-supported by a loving family, Simon turned to a life of mischief. He was involved in petty crimes in his teens and dabbled in drugs, which eventually landed him in trouble. Simon took performance-enhancing drugs, which stemmed from his competitive nature and feeling the need to excel […]

Finding Strength in Sports

Shadrina was part bored and part curious when she decided to join a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programme at REACH Youth Powerhouse in October 2020 with two of her friends. Her teacher had informed her of the programme, and her interest was certainly piqued.  Fast forward to 2021 – she’s become a regular in the […]