Climbing Up the Right Ladder



Charity Golf

In 1998, REACH Community Services was birthed out of Grace Assembly of God, embodying the as our work in the community grew, so did REACH.

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Gift of Joy

The festive season is upon us again. While many will spend time with their loved families in merrymaking, there are many others finding the season

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Climbing Up the Right Ladder

Eddy has never met his mother and was singlehandedly brought up by his father. Without a stable family unit, he fell to bad influences and a life of crime until he was arrested at 18 and put into an institution.  

Thankfully, he was referred to REACH Youth where he was enrolled in the Rehabilitation Programme, and he requested a befriender to listen to his struggles. With his father losing his eyesight, Eddy felt the pressure to take care his family’s finances. However, this proved difficult with his primary school qualifications, and eventually, Eddy turned to crime again and reoffended. 

Despite reoffending, his befriender did not give up on him and continued giving him moral support, believing in the good in Eddy’s heart. This encouraged Eddy to do better each time he faced new challenges. His befriender also helped him find suitable employment opportunities, despite his background.  

Backed with encouragement and support, Eddy has gained employment and has been taking care of his father. He’s even become a role model for change to his close friends! 

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