Navigating Differences through Premarital Counselling



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Navigating Differences through Premarital Counselling

Both pursuing their careers in Law, Tim and Sue found each other and soon decided to get married. However, this wasn’t a straightforward marriage. Tim, aged 40, had been previously married, taking custody of his 8-year-old child. Naturally, Sue, aged 37, was worried not only about being a wife but also about taking on the role of a stepmother. Moreover, they came from vastly different family constellations – Tim coming from a relatively distant family, whereas Sue was very enmeshed with hers.  

After hearing of its benefits, they decided to attend REACH Counselling’s Marriage Preparation Programme. Having attended the Group sessions, the couple thought it would be best to seek marital counselling to better understand their relationship. The programmes featured intervention and the resolution of marital conflicts and issues, helping Tim and Sue gain deeper insight into the relationship dynamics of couples. The sessions brought about a new level of awareness for them, and they now desire to develop more positive behaviours to continue sustaining their relationship. They ultimately seek to use what they’ve learnt to work on building a happy marriage with one another. 

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