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At REACH Counselling Service, we provide professional counselling services to help individuals, couples and families build better lives, enduring marriages and resilient families. We create a safe space to ask difficult questions, learn new skills and work through solutions to personal and relationship struggles we face daily. Specialising in marriage counselling, we believe that the journey towards a healthy marriage and happy family life requires commitment and an openness to talk through challenges. We will provide reliable support and guidance as you learn to build a strong and stable relationship with your partner.

At REACH Counselling and Mental Health Service, we are passionate about guiding individuals, couples, and families move forward, grow and flourish.  Through programmes and counselling sessions, some in conjunction with agencies such as MSF and Syariah Court, our professional, trained counsellors will journey with you to :

  • Foster better mental resilience in individuals so they are better able to handle stress, anger, grief, study or work concerns, etc
  • Nurture wholesome family lives and
  • Build healthy and stable marriages


All our counsellors are passionate about helping you.  Browse their profiles to find someone you are comfortable with.


Our Counselling rates are very affordable at $80 to $120 an hour.  A $20.00 surcharge applies for counselling after office hours.  Special rates are available for students at our discretion.

Booking is simple, just follow the steps below !!

STEP 1 : Before you book for our services, view the counsellor profiles above to choose a counsellor you are comfortable with.

STEP 2REGISTER HERE if you are using our counselling services for the first time and after you have finished reading these instructions.  After you have registered, you will be directed to book the counselling session.

Otherwise, click the ‘Book Now’ button below after you have finished reading these instructions.

STEP 3 : Select the counsellor of your choice and desired service and then book the date/time you want.

If you have difficulty finding available slots, please call 68010730 or email for assistance.

STEP 4 : You need to make payment online using debit/credit card by clicking the Stripe or PayPal icon.  Note that you DO NOT need to log in to Paypal or Stripe to make payment.  You will receive an electronic invoice shortly after you have paid using debit/credit card.

Otherwise, click the ‘Pay later with PAYNOW/PAYLAH’ option to confirm your booking.  For this option, you will receive an email with instructions on how to do the PAYNOW/PAYLAH payment. Please ensure you make the payment within 24 hours of your booking to ensure your appointment is not cancelled. An electronic invoice will be sent to you via email once the payment is processed (usually within 3 days).

On successful booking, you should receive a booking confirmation email.  Try looking in the ‘Junk email’ folder if you did not receive the email.  Please keep the booking confirmation email as it contains several useful links :

  • Online meeting link (if you have requested for an online service)
  • Link to reschedule appointment
  • Link to cancel appointment. DO NOTE that there is NO REFUND for cancelled appointments or no-shows regardless whether you have or have not received the invoice.


At REACH, Ronald is passionate about helping couples prepare for their marriage as a Marriage Mentor and guides his team with the experience and expertise he has acquired over the years so that they can, in turn, help others in similar situations.

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Head of REACH Counselling Service


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Professional Counselling

Seeking professional counselling services as a couple, family or individual?

Interested to build a successful marriage that lasts long after the wedding ceremony?

Our other SERVICES

Syariah Court Mandatory Counselling Programme

We are appointed by the Syariah Court to provide counselling services for couples.

Home Ownership Plus
Education Scheme (HOPE)

We mentor and support young families working towards breaking out of the poverty cycle


Looking for an independent mediator to assist in the negotiation of a viable settlement between all involved parties?

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Looking to support your employees by enhancing their emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing through confidential professional counselling, workshops and training?

Community Resource, Engagement and Support (CREST)

CREST @ REACH functions as a community outreach team that serves as a community safety network for all persons with mental health concerns aged 18 and above, as well as to support their caregivers in the journey to mental wellness.






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