Uncle time

A signature programme at REACH Senior Centre @ Jalan Membina

Uncle Time is a REACH Senior Centre initiative tailored to male seniors, or better known as our community ‘uncles’. Through this initiative, we hope to foster a sense of community spirit through gatherings over food and also encourage our seniors to lead a healthier lifestyle through exercise.

About uncle time

As our morning exercise sessions are predominately attended by female seniors, the idea of a man’s club was conceived to encourage the participation of male seniors. Every once a week, after an exercise session, our uncles are provided light refreshments as they gather at REACH Senior Centre and bond over a cup of kopi.

Uncle Time has been well-received by our community uncles. As part of our initiative to bring our programmes to even more male seniors, Uncle Walk was developed as an extension to Uncle Time. Uncle Walk, which happens once every two months, aims to bring our community uncles to various parks and attractions which are different from their usual daily routines. The objective of Uncle Walk is to encourage them to lead an active lifestyle as well as enable them to build relationships with like-minded seniors.

How We Help

This programme aims to engage our community uncles that would otherwise be gallivanting on their own. Through the idea of a club for male seniors, this exclusivity excites and draws our seniors closer together, thus creating a space for them to build mutual support for one another.

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