At Reach Youth Service, we work hand-in-hand with the government and other organisations to provide support and professional care services to young offenders and the youth in need. We are passionate and committed to the youth who have been referred to us. We work closely with them to realise their full potential and grow up to become valued and contributing members of the community.

About Youth Rehabilitation Work


Our team of passionate social workers and volunteers partner with the community to provide care and aftercare rehabilitation support to young offenders through counselling, coaching and befriending services.

We are engaged in providing Post-Care Support for youths at the Singapore Boys’ Home (SBH)which aims to reinforce and sustain the work done (e.g. skills learnt, habits formed) during their in-care residential period. This programme also serves as a bridge linking them to community agencies that were introduced when they were at the SBH. This ensures that they remain crime-free and do not re-enter the criminal justice or care and protection system in the future.

We are also involved in the Prison Youth Outreach Programme, which is a volunteer programme born out of the need to increase and strengthen the support given to incarcerated youths in Singapore. Many of these youths come from complicated family backgrounds and are mostly deprived of positive social support and guidance.

We work with the Community Rehabilitation Centre (CRC) to provide structured rehabilitation activities to the clients in a residential setting. The involvement and the support of their families aid in their rehabilitation process. Our objective is to strengthen their family bonds and help them reintegrate into society upon successful completion of the rehabilitation activities. We also provide throughcare case management services after they have completed their residential phase in the CRC.

How We Help

We are experienced in identifying and evaluating the individual needs and strengths of young offenders. We will accompany them through their journey of rehabilitation by guiding them and providing the help they require to turn their life around. 

About School Social Work

We collaborate with schools to conduct group and individual sessions with students to take learning beyond academia.

How We Help

Our group sessions are grounded in strength-based approaches to meet various objectives. We hope to amplify students’ strengths to empower them to be effective leaders of their own lives, and the lives of those they touch.