Youth Mentoring Programme

We believe that mentoring can go a long way in empowering young people as they navigate their teenage years. The positive guidance, support, and role-modelling of a mentor can further unlock the strengths of young people and empower them towards their goals. If you are a youth looking for some help and support or if you are a parent or guardian of a youth you think will benefit from this programme, we encourage you to sign them up!

Who Can Sign Up: 12-17 years old from lower income families 

Programme Duration: January to November

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Reach Youth Casework and Coaching Programme

Youth is a crucial period in a person’s development, yet it is also a time of challenges and opportunities. At Reach Youth Service, we provide casework and coaching services to support young people through their teenage years.  

In casework, we work with young people and their families who may be experiencing difficulties to activate their strengths and build resilience. We also provide coaching services to support young people in achieving their goals and maximising their potential. If you would like to refer youth in need to this programme, kindly contact us today.