Starting Life Afresh



Charity Dinner

2023 marks an incredibly significant year for REACH as we joyously commemorate our 25th anniversary dedicated to serving the Least, Lost, and Lonely in our

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Charity Golf

In 1998, REACH Community Services was birthed out of Grace Assembly of God, embodying the as our work in the community grew, so did REACH.

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Starting Life Afresh

Upon returning to Singapore after a stint of working in China, Alan had his world shattered – his wife was seeing another man while he was away. His wife had also tried to physically wrest control of their daughter away from him, but this caused significant trauma to the child who felt safe only with Alan. He was resourceful in seeking various avenues of help, especially from private child specialists who attended to his daughter’s trauma, and he was eventually referred to REACH Family Service’s Casework and Counselling programme by the Family Court. 

After his social worker assessed the overall well- being of the family and that his daughter felt safe, Alan received continued support through the journey of rebuilding his life. His social worker has also noted Alan’s growth and determination to heal for his daughter, growing stronger and more resilient for her sake. With counselling, Alan has been able to maintain a clear perspective even through the legal process of separating from his wife. 

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