The Community Outreach Team (CREST) focuses on raising public awareness of mental health conditions and dementia, promotes early recognition of at-risk individuals, provides emotional support to individuals and their caregivers and links individuals to relevant health and social care services when necessary.

REACH CREST serves residents aged 18 and above living in Bukit Gombak and Hong Kah North.

How We Help Our clients

Raise Awareness

We raise public awareness of mental health conditions and dementia through outreach events to residents and caregivers

Provide Holistic Care

We provide person-centric care to clients and caregivers through basic emotional support, monitoring and service linkage

Early Identification

We provide basic screening of mental health conditions to identify persons at risk of mental health conditions and dementia

Engage Community Partners

We network and engage with community partners to coordinate support for clients

Dementia Friendly Initiative (DFI)

We create an inclusive environment to increase awareness of dementia

How We Help Caregivers

CREST Caregiver Support Group

REACH CREST runs a Caregiver Support Group for caregivers of persons with dementia. The Caregiver Support Group aims to support caregivers by providing them with a safe place: 

  • To build confidence
  • To find support from other caregivers 
  • To learn coping strategies 
  • To acquire knowledge and skills to manage better 

The caregiver support group runs on Friday afternoons once every 2 months. The sessions are conducted in English and complementary elder sitting may be arranged where needed.  

For caregivers looking to register for Caregiver Support Group or to get in touch with us, please contact us at 6801 0878 or E-mail [email protected]

For community partners referring clients living in Hong Kah North and Bukit Gombak, please fill in the referral form and E-mail it to [email protected]