Group work

At REACH Family Service Centre (FSC), we facilitate group work programmes for people of all ages – tailored to the emerging needs of our community. These programmes aim to enhance both social functioning and capacity to cope with life challenges.


Triple H is a mental health support group conducted by REACH Family Service. The support group aims to bring healing to wounded Hearts, instill Hope for recovery and encourage group members to reach out to one other with supportive Hands

In response to the growing mental health needs of our clients, REACH Family Service held its first run of Triple H in 2021. Journeying together with others who are experiencing similar challenges, participants discover and learn more about various coping strategies to better manage challenges and stressors.

Sign up for the Triple H Programme beginning on 17 August 2023!

Frequently asked questions

Participants are informed not to share private and confidential information disclosed within sessions to anyone outside of the support group. 

Participants will also be required to sign an Indemnity Form and a Publicity Consent Form. Participants will only be featured on REACH and relevant publicity channels if consent has been given. 

Triple H is committed to being a safe space for learning, personal growth, and support.  Our Triple H team comprises of REACH social workers who will be facilitating the sessions and render professional support to all participants. 

During the first session, participants will also be invited to co-create a set of ground rules which details ways that participants can be present for one another respectfully. 

We will be having a physical support group, and will not be offering any online options. 

Yes, applicants will be screened based on their responses provided in the registration form. Screening will be done together with a facilitator from the Triple H team.  

Participants are required to commit to at least 75% of the sessions to foster a safe space for all to experience personal growth and build meaningful, lasting connections with others. New sign-ups will not be accepted after the registration closing date. 

There are no childminding services available during the group work sessions. 

For further enquiries, please contact us at 6252 2566 or email us at [email protected].

Project GEMinate

Project GEMinate is a holistic parent-child group work that focuses on strengthening a child’s resiliency and relationship-building between parent-child. The programme serves as a platform for encouraging positive parent-child interactions, facilitating parents’ attunement for children’s developmental needs and helping children learn important socio-emotional skills.

Learning Seeds

Learning Seeds is a mentoring and academic support programme targeted at children (aged 6 to 12 years old). Helmed by a group of social workers and volunteers, the programme aims to foster positive relationships between mentors and children, encourage a love for learning, and enhance children’s resilience.

Learning Seeds Programme