Senior Engagement Programmes

Our seniors have done so much for our community and society. It is time they get to relax and enjoy their retirement with exciting social activities and events. At our Senior Centre, we provide interesting programmes, events and courses to help seniors keep their mind and body active by learning new skills and engaging in stimulating exercises. If you are a senior resident, browse our activities listed below!

Healthy Ageing Promotion Programme for You (HAPPY)


HAPPY is a locally customised, multicomponent programme that aims to promote healthy ageing to help seniors maintain a healthy body and mind. 

The HAPPY programme includes exercise and cognitive tasks of varying intensity combined with healthy ageing advice and nutrition tips. There is no special equipment needed for HAPPY, and senior volunteers will be trained to lead the exercises. HAPPY seeks to delay Physical, Cognitive and Social Frailty. 

Health Promotion Board (HPB) Exercise Programmes


Led by HPB trainers, the HPB programmes comprise of different types of exercises and dances. Dance along to catchy songs during Korean Pop (K-pop), Zumba and Line-dancing sessions. These programmes are aimed at high functioning seniors who are active and well, to encourage them to stay active. 

Language and Craft Classes

English 1

In the spirit of 活到老,学到老, or life-long learning, we hold various crafts and enrichment for seniors. Ranging from Hanyu Pinyin, Handphone Apps, Basic English lessons, to Crochet, Stitching, Flora Arrangements and Calligraphy classes, seniors get to learn new skills and knowledge and stay engaged.  

Drop-in Centre for Seniors

Drop In 2

Seniors who may not have an interest in the current activities held are always welcome to still drop by to play games (Rummikub is a favourite), read newspapers, request for help with letter-reading or referrals, or just to hang around with the friendly staff, volunteers, and other seniors in the community.