A signature programme at REACH Senior Centre @ Bukit Gombak & REACH Senior Centre @ Powerhouse

Food brings people together and facilitates conversations. We want to help neighbours get to know each other over food, thereby building a deeper sense of community and neighbourly bonding.

About REACH Community CAFE

REACH Community Café is a volunteer run program, from preparation of food down to the washing of dishes at the end of the day. Run by 5 teams of senior volunteers on rotation, each week presents a different menu and experience for its members and visitors.  

Inspired by our signature programme Community Cafe, we introduced Community Dabao to serve a similar purpose while meeting the safe-distancing measures imposed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We facilitate a weekly pay-what-you-want dabao service for seniors at our centre. Though seniors can’t get to eat together due to pandemic safety measures, seniors can pack the food, and have light conversation while waiting. 

How We Help

Our primary purpose of the Community Cafe is not just to feed the stomach, but to feed the mind as well. To that end, we run enrichment programmes, update seniors on current affairs and health talks while volunteers pack the food, so that we can provide more value-add to seniors’ lives.


For more details, find us on REACH Senior Service Facebook Page