Climbing Up the Right Ladder

Eddy has never met his mother and was singlehandedly brought up by his father. Without a stable family unit, he fell to bad influences and a life of crime until he was arrested at 18 and put into an institution.   Thankfully, he was referred to REACH Youth where he was enrolled in the Rehabilitation Programme, […]

An Angel on My Shoulder

Despite coming from a middle-class background and being well-supported by a loving family, Simon turned to a life of mischief. He was involved in petty crimes in his teens and dabbled in drugs, which eventually landed him in trouble. Simon took performance-enhancing drugs, which stemmed from his competitive nature and feeling the need to excel […]

Finding Strength in Sports

Shadrina was part bored and part curious when she decided to join a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programme at REACH Youth Powerhouse in October 2020 with two of her friends. Her teacher had informed her of the programme, and her interest was certainly piqued.  Fast forward to 2021 – she’s become a regular in the […]

Taking the Small Steps

Coming from a low-income household with divorced parents, Jeremy found it difficult to share his problems with his friends and family, resorting to keeping his problems to himself. At 13, Jeremy felt that he would be a burden to those around him. At home, he felt the need to be a dutiful child to his […]