Taking Control and Loving Oneself

Despite being a working adult and 30 years old, Vivian faced a strained relationship with her mother as she would often control her and often made harsh criticisms of her. This invariably led to Vivian experiencing low self-esteem, affecting her sense of self-worth. This led to poor coping mechanisms, deteriorating friendships and conflicts in the […]

A Long Journey Through Darkness

Andrew Selvam was facing marital, parenting, and personal challenges when he was referred to REACH Family Service. A friendship with his female ex-classmate drove a wedge between him and his wife, consequently straining his marriage. This also affected the way he acted as a father, as he began to physically lash out against his children, […]

Starting Life Afresh

Upon returning to Singapore after a stint of working in China, Alan had his world shattered – his wife was seeing another man while he was away. His wife had also tried to physically wrest control of their daughter away from him, but this caused significant trauma to the child who felt safe only with […]

Recovering through a Safe Space

A strong and career-minded woman, Bahar runs her own social media engagement business and manages a network of female entrepreneurs.