A Long Journey Through Darkness



Gift of Joy 2024

Over the past 25 years, our work in the community grew, and so did REACH. Today, REACH serves the community through our four services, Family

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Charity Golf 2024

With the crossing of our 25th anniversary, REACH’s commitment to answering the call of the Good Samaritan remains unwavering. Through dedicated service to the least,

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Charity Dinner

2023 marks an incredibly significant year for REACH as we joyously commemorate our 25th anniversary dedicated to serving the Least, Lost, and Lonely in our

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A Long Journey Through Darkness

Andrew Selvam was facing marital, parenting, and personal challenges when he was referred to REACH Family Service. A friendship with his female ex-classmate drove a wedge between him and his wife, consequently straining his marriage. This also affected the way he acted as a father, as he began to physically lash out against his children, in part due to the stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fortunately, Andrew was very willing to work on his issues, and was even open to taking a break from work to better himself. His social worker got to work to defuse the harm to the family and Andrew himself. He was referred to a child specialist, where Andrew learned that the best ways to discipline were not necessarily physical. He also benefitted from the regular support from his social worker as he reflected on his personal struggles and the struggles in restoring his relationship with his wife. 

His social worker has seen the vast improvement in Andrew, who now places his family above his own needs and finds joy in the growth of others. While Andrew is still working on himself, the cracks in his marriage have started to repair themselves thanks to the effort that he has put in. 

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