Finding Oneself & the Restoration of Marriage



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Finding Oneself & the Restoration of Marriage

After getting married in 2020, Madam Yannie started experiencing difficulties in her marriage. This was both her and her husband’s 2nd marriage, with Madam Yannie bringing 2 sons from her first marriage and her husband, 3 sons from his. The first 3 months of marriage were wonderful until her husband started turning to vices such as doing drugs at home, chatting with other women, raising his voice at her, and leaving the parenting of the 5 children to her. 

After multiple attempts to resolve the situation herself, she gave him an ultimatum to resolve his issues within a year – but he didn’t improve. Feeling helpless and deflated, she sought help from Syariah Court and was referred to REACH Counselling Service for Marriage Counselling. During the sessions, her counsellor posed her questions for self-reflection, allowing her to re-focus on her priorities. She also became stronger in her faith, giving her the courage to ask for a divorce and sharing this with her husband’s family. 

With Madam Yannie putting her foot down and a divorce looming, her husband turned a corner and started to mend his ways, stopping his vices and investing more time and effort into the family. The consistency in his changes resulted in her family accepting him once again. Since then, her counsellor noted a visible change in her demeanour to a more confident and happier one. Madam Yannie had also found peace and strength within herself and looks forward to her relationship with hope, as the couple continues mending their marriage. 

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