From Confusion to Determination



Charity Golf

In 1998, REACH Community Services was birthed out of Grace Assembly of God, embodying the as our work in the community grew, so did REACH.

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Gift of Joy

The festive season is upon us again. While many will spend time with their loved families in merrymaking, there are many others finding the season

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From Confusion to Determination

Retired and widowed, Sandra was 60 when she started to experience feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Left to her own devices, she could not cope with these emotions. Eventually, she decided to seek professional help, where she found REACH Counselling. 

With the help from her counsellor, Sandra was able to address her deep-seated grievances which stemmed from the past trauma, loneliness, and turmoil that overcame her after her late husband passed on. She also learned how to identify her triggers and regulate her emotions better. 

Her counsellor is extremely delighted in her development in self-awareness, with Sandra acknowledging her internal experiences that have snowballed since she was married. Consequently, Sandra feels validated, and she is now more relaxed and restored after gaining her much-needed closure. 

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