Taking the Small Steps

Coming from a low-income household with divorced parents, Jeremy found it difficult to share his problems with his friends and family, resorting to keeping his problems to himself. At 13, Jeremy felt that he would be a burden to those around him. At home, he felt the need to be a dutiful child to his […]

Finding Meaning in Caregiving

Working part-time whilst caring for her mother who was diagnosed with dementia, Mdm Vara was lost and in a state of confusion. She had no idea how to manage her mother’s behaviour – she often repeated her questions and forgot things easily. In her search for help, she was referred to REACH Senior by Bukit […]

You Are Never Alone

At 81, Madam Phay had been widowed and her children had moved out of her home. Madam Phay was lonely. Feeling restless, she headed down to REACH Bukit Batok Powerhouse to check out the programmes.  Subsequently, she joined several activities such as the NUHS physiotherapy programme, Leg Strengthen and the HAPPY Programme to keep herself […]

Recovering through Strong Support

A member of REACH Senior at Jalan Membina since 2016, Mr Yeow’s health took a sharp decline in 2021, where he was repeatedly hospitalised due to comorbidities and heart failure. Furthermore, he was even admitted into the ICU with the risk of multiple organ failure.  Thankfully, the RS team was there to render assistance and […]

Taking the Lead

As the primary caregiver to her elderly mother, Madam Monica Lee has been a fervent supporter of REACH Senior’s programmes and a great advocate for active ageing. When her mother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2020, Monica signed not only her mother, but also herself up for activities hosted at REACH Senior at Jalan […]

From Confusion to Determination

Retired and widowed, Sandra was 60 when she started to experience feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Left to her own devices, she could not cope with these emotions. Eventually, she decided to seek professional help, where she found REACH Counselling.  With the help from her counsellor, Sandra was able to address her deep-seated […]

Finding Oneself & the Restoration of Marriage

After getting married in 2020, Madam Yannie started experiencing difficulties in her marriage. This was both her and her husband’s 2nd marriage, with Madam Yannie bringing 2 sons from her first marriage and her husband, 3 sons from his. The first 3 months of marriage were wonderful until her husband started turning to vices such […]

Healing from Sexual Harassment

A young working adult in the workforce, Kate decided to seek counselling to overcome her past trauma. As it turns out, Kate had experienced sexual abuse in her teenage years, silently suffering the brunt of the trauma for over a decade. The perpetrator – her female cousin, who was 10 to 12 years older than […]

Navigating Differences through Premarital Counselling

Both pursuing their careers in Law, Tim and Sue found each other and soon decided to get married. However, this wasn’t a straightforward marriage. Tim, aged 40, had been previously married, taking custody of his 8-year-old child. Naturally, Sue, aged 37, was worried not only about being a wife but also about taking on the […]

A Long Journey Through Darkness

Andrew Selvam was facing marital, parenting, and personal challenges when he was referred to REACH Family Service. A friendship with his female ex-classmate drove a wedge between him and his wife, consequently straining his marriage. This also affected the way he acted as a father, as he began to physically lash out against his children, […]